Sustainable initiatives create growth

Resurs Holdings’ long-term sustainability efforts are a foundation of our business strategy, with the focus always on our retail finance partners, customers and employees. As a bank, insurance company, employer and listed company, we have a responsibility as well as an opportunity to have a positive impact on society by pursuing the sustainability issues that are most important to us.

Resurs has been actively working for a long time to develop secure, structured and responsible treatment of our customers and the personal information that is processed on a daily basis. In recent years we have seen a positive trend emerging, where various sustainability issues are moved higher and higher on the agenda in both the public debate and the business community. The introduction of more explicit regulations such as GDPR is an example of this. Within the Group, we also see our increased focus on sustainability as an important aspect for developing and attracting employees, which creates good prospects for growth. In our first Sustainability Report that is an integral part of our Annual Report, we have chosen to base our report on the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI), which provides us with a clear framework and a seal of approval on the many initiatives we are currently pursuing in the Nordic market.

Customer privacy, anti-corruption, responsible credit lending and diversity and equality are the four focus areas we have identified as key to our business. They are described in this report. All of these areas are long-term commitments where a great deal of work has been done to lay a solid foundation for the Group’s continued sustainability efforts. As the work has progressed, it has been gratifying to see the great commitment within the Group to safeguarding customers’ privacy and standing up for sound values. A sustainability council has been formed that will drive new initiatives within the Group in the future, in order to ensure that we meet our long-term commitments. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in examining the organisation from a sustainability perspective and who is developing new ideas for how we can improve in the future.

Helsingborg, March 2018

Eva Brike
Chief Human Resources Officer

About the report

This is Resurs Holding’s first Sustainability Report. It pertains to the entire Group. The report has been developed in accordance with the precautionary principle, and it has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards at Core level. This report constitutes the formal sustainability reporting according to the Annual Accounts Act. This report is included as part of the Group’s Annual Report, and is a part of the Board of Directors’ Report. The auditor’s review of the report is attached and is limited to a statement that the report has been prepared. The Group performed a materiality analysis when preparing the report, which has guided the selection of the Group’s most important sustainability issues. For a description of Resurs’s business model, see the section “Business model and strategy” on page 18-19 in the Annual Report. The Group intends to submit a Sustainability Report annually based on the calendar year. For questions concerning the Group’s Sustainability Report, please contact Eva Brike, Resurs’s Chief Human Resources Officer.