Press releases

October 2020

Resurs Holding Interim Report January–September 2020

Resurs to embark on a transformation journey

Invitation to the presentation of Resurs Holding’s third quarter report 2020

September 2020

Appointment of Resurs Holding’s Nomination Committee

Resurs Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Resurs Holding, today received an update from rating agency Nordic Credit Rating

Resurs becomes the first partner of Alektrum Group’s Shoppa Lagom initiative

August 2020

Resurs Bank denied deduction of SEK 31 million due to remeasurement effects attributable to IFRS 9 in Norway due to merger of yA Bank AS

Resurs strengthens Group Management – with a focus on the customer experience and growth

July 2020

Resurs Holding Interim Report January – June 2020

Invitation to the presentation of Resurs Holding’s second quarter report 2020

June 2020

Summary from the Annual General Meeting of 2020 of Resurs Holding

New CEO starts at Resurs – Nils Carlsson is focused on continued growth, data-driven innovation and customer experience

May 2020

Resurs Holding awarded “Newcomer of the year” in Employer Branding at the Universum Awards

Notice to attend the Annual General Meeting in Resurs Holding

April 2020

Resurs Holding Interim Report January–March 2020

Annual General Meeting on 17 June 2020

Resurs Holding’s subsidiary Resurs Bank makes an extra credit provision of SEK 75 million following Covid-19 and in accordance with IFRS 9

Invitation to the presentation of Resurs Holding’s first quarter report 2020

NCR confirms Resurs Bank’s credit rating of BBB-

March 2020

Resurs Holding to postpone Annual General Meeting and presents information on account of corona

New CEO in Resurs Holding

Resurs Holding publishes the Annual and Sustainability Report 2019

Proposal by the Nomination Committee regarding the Board of Directors in Resurs

February 2020

Resurs Bank has signed an agreement for an expanded partnership with credit management company Axactor in Norway

Resurs Bank issues SEK 700 million of senior unsecured bonds

Resurs Holding Year-end Report January–December 2019

January 2020

Invitation to the presentation of Resurs Holding’s year-end report 2019