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Resurs in brief

Resurs­ Holding, ­which ­operates ­through ­its ­subsidiaries ­Resurs ­Bank ­and ­Solid Försäkringar,­ is ­a ­leader­ in ­the ­consumer ­credit ­market ­in ­the ­Nordic ­region, ­offering ­payment ­solutions, ­consumer ­loans ­and ­niche­ insurance products. Lending amounted to SEK 24.1 billion at the end of 2017.

Over 5.5 million customers across the Nordic region

Since ­its ­start­ in­ 1977,­ Resurs­ Bank ­has­ established itself as a leading partner for sales-driven payment and loyalty solutions in­ retail­ and ­e-commerce, ­and ­has­ thus ­built a customer base of more than 5.5 million private customers in the Nordics.

Three business segments

Resurs Holding is divided into three business segments: Payment Solutions (comprising retail ­finance ­and ­credit ­cards),­ Consumer­ Loans ­and­ Insurance.

763 employees

There were 763 (728) full-time employees (FTE) at the Group at 31 December 2017. The head ­office ­is ­situated­ in ­Helsingborg, Sweden.

Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap

Resurs Holding AB was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Large Cap segment in April 2016. Resurs Bank was granted a banking licence in 2001 and is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

A Nordic Group

Resurs ­operates­ in ­Sweden,­Denmark,­ Norway and Finland.

Sweden Denmark Finland Norway
Retail Finance
Credit Cards
Consumer Loans

Business segments

Payment Solution

Over 5.5 million customers in the customer database and lending of SEK 9.4 billion
Payment Solutions comprises Retail ­Finance ­and ­Credit ­Cards.­ In ­retail ­finan­ce,­Resurs is the leading partner for sales- driving ­finance,­ payment ­and ­loyalty­ solutions to chain stores and e-commerce companies across the Nordic region.

Credit Cards comprises Resurs’s proprietary credit cards (of which Supreme Card is­ the best ­known),­and­ co-branded­ credit cards ­for ­retail ­finance ­partners.

Consumer loans

SEK 14.7 billion in consumer loans.

Consumer Loans customers are offered unsecured ­loans,­ also ­known­ as­ consumer loans. Consumer loans are normally used­ to ­finance ­larger ­purchases, ­extend ­existing­ loans­ or to ­finance­­ general­ consumption. Consumer Loans also helps consumers to consolidate their loans ­with­ other­ banks,­ in ­order­ to­ reduce their monthly payments or ­interest ­expense.­


Over 2.3 million customers.

The Insurance segment offers non-life insurance through the company Solid Försäkrings AB. The focus is on niche coverage, ­with ­the ­Nordic ­region ­as ­the main market. Insurance products are divided into four business lines: Product,­ Security, ­Motor­ and Travel.­The company partners with leading ­retail­ chains ­in ­various ­sectors,­ and­ has about 2.3 million customers across the Nordic region.