Remuneration for senior executives

The Annual General Meeting 2019 resolved to adopt the following guidelines for remuneration to senior executives for the period until the Annual General Meeting 2020.

Remuneration for executive management shall be decided by the Board in accordance with the Group’s internal policies and procedures, which are based on the, from time to time, applicable regulations regarding remuneration for the banking and insurance business.

The remuneration of executive management may consist of fixed salary, long-term incentive programs, pension and other benefits. No bonus payments or other variable salary is payable to the executive management.

The total remuneration package should be based on market terms, be competitive and reflect the individual’s performance and responsibilities as well as, with respect to share based incentive schemes, the value growth of the company’s share benefitting the shareholders. The total remuneration package, also in connection with the termination of the employment, must discourage unsound risk-taking.

Resolution on long-term incentive programs shall be taken by the shareholder’s meeting.

Pension benefits should be defined contribution. In exceptional cases, however, pension benefits may be paid under applicable collective bargaining agreement, such as between Svensk Handel, Unionen & Akademikerförbunden.

Members of Group executive management generally have a period of notice of not more than 12 months. The CEO shall have a period of notice of not more than 18 months. No severance payment will be made.

The Board shall have the right to depart from the guidelines resolved on by the Annual General Meeting if, in an individual case, there are special reasons for this.

The group of senior executives encompassed by the guidelines comprises the CEO and other members of the Group executive management.