Payment Solutions

The Payment Solutions segment is comprised of retail finance and credit cards. Within retail finance, Resurs is the leading partner for sales-supporting financing, payment and loyalty solutions for more than 1,200 retail partners and e-commerce companies in the Nordic region.

Credit cards includes the Resurs credit cards (with Supreme Card being the most well-known) as well as cards that enable retail finance partners to promote their own brands. Resurs currently has over 260,000 credit card accounts in the Nordic market.

Retail Finance

Resurs is a leading provider of payment solutions for retail chains and e-commerce companies in the Nordic region, with over 1,200 retail finance partners.

At its core, Resurs’ omni-channel retail finance offering enables its retail finance partners to provide their consumers with flexible online and offline point-of-sale invoicing and payment options, which benefits both retail finance partners and consumers.

For example, retail finance solutions can benefit retailers by driving sales and increasing consumer loyalty, and can benefit consumers by increasing their purchasing power and making certain purchases more affordable through payment flexibility and extended payment periods.

Credit Cards

Resurs offers its credit cards under its flagship brand, Supreme Card, and also offers co-branded cards with certain retail finance partners.

As of 31 December 2015, Resurs had over 179,000 credit card accounts in the Nordic market, of which approximately 139,500 accounts were for Supreme Card credit cards, and approximately 38,500 accounts were accounts for co-branded credit cards, which offer reward schemes with specific partners, including petrol and airline companies.

As a result of the closing of the acquisition of yA Bank in Norway in the fourth quarter 2015, Resurs received another approximately 78,000 credit card accounts.