Our sustainability efforts

Sustainability that builds customer value

All aspects of the operations that Resurs conducts are to be characterised by business ethics, social and environmental responsibility. A responsible business that is aligned with a vision of empowering people and providing them with the conditions to live the life that they desire: a life that is to be sustainable both today and in the long term. Our objective is to make a difference for the daily lives of our customers, partners and employees.

Resurs wants to…

  1. Inspire others to make sustainable
    Resurs wants to encourage a sustainable lifestyle and enable people to make decisions that lead to a higher level of sustainability.
  2. Be a responsible company that supports, customers, partners and society.
    Resurs takes this commitment very seriously and endeavours to have a positive impact on its retail finance partners, customers and society.

Sustainability efforts are to be integrated across the Resurs Group’s entire value chain with a focus on areas in which the Group can have the most impact toward long-term sustainable value creation for owners, customers, employees, investors and society at large.

Resurs Holding has signed the UN corporate sustainability initiative, the Global Compact, and has therefore committed to compliance with the ten principles that cover human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Alongside the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Resurs Group’s Code of Conduct and Resurs Group’s guidelines and policies create the framework for the Group’s sustainability agenda.

Resurs’s responsibility

As an employer
Resurs actively works with equal opportunity, equal treatment, diversity, a good work environment, development opportunities, involvement and a meaningful work life
As a company in the region
Resurs is devoted to an inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to realise their potential. Resurs wants to contribute to health and active participation, and focuses on supporting young people and new entrants to the labour market.
As a company in the industry
Resurs adopts a long-term approach and works responsibly, focusing on the customer. The environment and human rights are important and considered in all decisions.