Non-life insurance is offered within the Insurance segment under the Solid Försäkring brand. The segment’s focus is on niche insurance, with the Nordic region as the main market.

Insurance products are divided into four groups: Travel insurance, Security, Roadside Assistance and Product insurance. The company, which partners with leading retail chains in various industries, has over 2.3 million customers in the Nordic region.

Resurs’ insurance business is conducted by its insurance subsidiary Solid, which operates in the Nordic region and, to a lesser extent, in Great Britain, Switzerland and a variety of other European countries.

Solid generates revenue through a combination of fees relating to the underwriting and provision of targeted insurance policies across four primary business lines. Solid focuses on targeted insurance policies and many of its products are closely linked to retail transactions, retailer companies and the retail industry in general. As a result, there are significant opportunities to sell insurance products to existing customers from Resurs’s operations in the retail industry and its close relationships with retail finance partners in the Nordic region.