Focus areas

The entire organisation works towards the sustainable development of our society. Sustainability is to be a part of our daily operations and is always considered with every decision we make.

Resurs focuses on six sustainability areas highlighted in our annual Sustainability Report. The most important sustainability topics have been identified in dialogue with our core stakeholders – retail finance partners, customers, employees, owners and investors.

A materiality analysis helps us understand the sustainability topics that are of greatest importance to stakeholders and the expectations that are placed on our business. In addition, the results of the analysis provide an indication of the impact of the operations on the economy, society, people and the environment.

By coordinating resources on these sustainability topics, the aim is in every way possible to maximise the positive values that the business creates for retail finance partners, customers, employees and owners. Resurs also has a responsibility to minimise risks through proactive work, robust processes, regulatory compliance and a high level of business ethics.

The topics that are most important for us to work on, monitor and report on are:

Responsible Credit Lending

A thorough credit assessment is essential for private individuals to be able to shop and take out loans on a safe and sound basis. As such, we only grand credit when the customer is expected to be able to complete the payment plan. We work actively to contact customers who have been late in making payments in order to detect customers with payment problems as early as possible. This is managed by a dedicated department at the bank who has special expertise in managing customers with payment difficulties. This department also takes care of customers who contact us themselves concerning their payment problems.


Our anti-corruption measures are carried out across all levels of the organisation, and include training initiatives and several control levels to ensure that we conduct business in an ethically sound manner.

Customer Privacy

We conduct ongoing efforts to ensure that our customers’ personal data is used in a correct, ethical and safe manner.


We strive to reduce our climate impact. We use our environmental resources responsibly and actively pursue an environmental agenda.

Diversity and equality

Our organisation is to reflect the diversity present in our society and equality between men and women is a given for us.

Social responsibility

Through our social commitment, we aim to provide active support in such ways as offering placements and providing our employees with time off for voluntary work.