Resurs must strive for sustainable development and to reduce its climate and environmental impact. The direct environmental impact of our own operations is relatively limited and primarily comprises business travel, heating and electricity in office premises, and paper print-outs.

As a guideline for heating and electricity, it is appropriate to make use of the energy mix that is available in each country and, to the greatest extent possible, choose renewable electricity.

Resurs’s business travel guidelines concerns the planning and arranging all business meetings and trips. All of Resurs’s employees are responsible for planning trips and accommodation in an environmentally conscious, safe and cost-efficient manner in accordance with Resurs’s guidelines.

The digital services initiative is a way to reduce paper consumption and therefore the share of digital post is continually increasing. A total of 57 per cent of all post in the Nordic region was sent via digital channels in 2019.

It is a priority to make conscious environmental choices when purchasing, for example, for the shared staff spaces in order to reduce food waste and the amount of packaging.

In order to minimise Resurs’s environmental impact, we must:

  • implement processes to monitor and minimise the environmental impact across all parts of our operations
  • set goals and takes measures to minimise environmental impact caused by our operations
  • reduce the amount of waste, sort waste and recycle and reuse when possible
  • increase awareness and knowledge of our environmental impact with our stakeholders
  • always meet or exceed the requirements of environmental legislation and other requirements relevant to use
  • use suppliers of goods and services who meet the relevant environmental requirements
  • consider the environment as we develop our products, offices and supply chain