An attractive workplace

Sustainable employees are key to our success

The skills, experience and commitment of our employees are important prerequisites for achieving the company’s strategic and financial targets. Their collective efforts also create a healthy work environment and sustainable workplace/working life permeated throughout by value-creating leadership, equal opportunity and diversity.

For us, it is a matter of course to engage in targeted efforts to offer an equal opportunity, healthy workplace characterised by professionalism and many opportunities for individual professional development. Our focus rests on healthy psychosocial, organisational and physical work environments that create the prerequisites for a sustainable working life.

Our daily efforts are guided and led by our shared values: Driven, Open, Innovative and Trustworthy.

Diversity and equality

We are convinced that an equal workplace with teams consisting of men and women of different ages and with various experiences and backgrounds is a prerequisite for achieving our goals. Understanding people’s equal value and rights is the basis of a successful company and a positive work environment.

Resurs’s work on diversity and equality aims to create a tolerant work environment with no discrimination, offensive behaviour or harassment.

Continuous monitoring of how employees feel

Preventive efforts to quickly perceive signs of stress and ill-health among employees are a priority. Our employee survey provides an efficient work process in which employees are able to report their experiences of their work situation, stress, job satisfaction, leadership and commitment on a weekly basis. Thanks to the tool’s ability to draw attention to times or situations when there is a risk of ill-health, resources can be better allocated and proactive measures can be taken. The tool provides comprehensive insight allowing managers and employees to view the various results in real time.

Preventive work with early action

Offering a healthy work/life balance is a given for us to help contribute to high attendance and a healthy balance between work and private life. Resurs’s managers are trained in employer responsibility for rehabilitation, which is a part of our work environment training. In cases with repeated short-term absenteeism or long-term illness, rehabilitation measures are applied. There are clear guidelines in place for how employees receive assistance and support through early, coordinated rehabilitation measures in order to regain their capacity to work with the aim of being able to return fully or partially to work.

A continual learning process

We work in a structured way with continual employee development alongside a defined plan in terms of training for new employees. All employees should feel that their job duties provide them with many opportunities for growth. We encourage employees to actively apply for new roles in the Group, which has led to a high level of internal mobility, with 28 per cent of advertised positions filled by internal resources in 2019.

The Resurs High Potential Program is a mentorship programme for both genders across our Nordic organisation and aims to build expertise across operational areas to create further opportunities for skills development and synergies.

Developing sustainable leadership involves having managers who are secure in their roles and skilled at leading and communicating. Resurs develops its managers in two stages through the Group-wide Let’s GROW and Let’s CHANGE programmes.