Business model and strategy

Resurs’s operations are divided into three business segments, based on the products and services offered: Payment Solutions (comprising Retail Finance, Credit Cards and Factoring), Consumer Loans and Insurance. Significant synergies are created between the three business segments, through targeted supplementary offerings to the consumers in Resurs’s database. The core of Resurs’s business model is the services offered to retail finance partners who operate in the retail sector.

Attractive financing solutions in both online and offline stores build customer loyalty and increase the repurchase rate. Added value is created for the consumer through higher purchasing power and opportunities for flexible repayment options. Today Resurs’s customer database contains over 6 million customers, the majority of whom first encountered Resurs via retail finance. The large customer database provides opportunities for cross-selling the Group’s other offerings.


Since Resurs is a service provider, motivated employees are crucial. Their skills, service ethic and commitment are the backbone of daily procedures, and enable continuous evolvement of the business model.

Resurs has adopted the following four strategic focus areas that successfully drive the business model.

Development of retail finance partners

Resurs’s unique expertise on the retail sector and its customers are the foundation of the close partnership between Resurs and its retail finance partners. Resurs is responsive to every retailer’s needs, tailors solutions and continually refines these solutions with a goal that they share with their partners: to convert visiting consumers to purchasing customers. Resurs creates value for retailers by driving sales and loyalty, and providing payment solutions that allow customers to move seamlessly between the physical store and the e-commerce site to make their purchases and returns. Resurs will remain an innovative player, and it intends to continually expand its product portfolio by adding new products and services to support retailers’ business and increase consumer value.

A customer experience
beyond the ordinary

Customers must always have a positive experience when they use any of Resurs’s products or services. Regardless of whether the customer wishes to save, borrow or make a payment, the experience should be easy, secure and uncomplicated. In brief, Resurs should always be easy to deal with. The company’s offerings generate more loyal and returning customers for retailers through its flexible terms and high level of service. A support process that focuses on simplicity and digital interfaces achieves not only a better level of service and shorter lead times, but better reliability as well with the reduction of manual processing. Digitisation also makes it possible to form an overview of the customer’s relationship with Resurs and follow the customer journey in order to identify any barriers that prevent customers from easily and securely using Resurs’s services for saving, borrowing or payment, for example.

An ever stronger brand

Resurs’s need to form closer relationships with customers along with its retail finance partners is growing stronger. The company also intends to increase awareness of its own brand and strengthen the brand in the long term by putting Resurs Bank on the map as a customer-oriented niche bank with a strong focus on the customer experience. With a new communication platform as a foundation, the journey of clarifying the purpose of the business, what Resurs Bank stands for, and clarifying the flexible payment solution offering continues.

In-depth customer knowledge is the key

The more than 6 million customers in the database are crucial to the business model and the foundation for customer communication, both providing customer information and enabling cross-selling of other products and services. The database collects information about the customers’ credit card usage, payment patterns and credit history, thus facilitating the assessment of potential interest in various products, services and the current risk level. Cross-selling opportunities also have a positive effect on costs.