Dividend policy and dividend

Under the dividend policy adopted by Resurs’ Board of Directors, Resurs will initially aim to distribute a minimum of 50 percent of its annual consolidated net profit in medium term.

If Resurs, as a result of its profits and dividend policy, generates a substantial surplus, it is Resurs’ intention to use such surplus either to finance a higher organic growth rate and or future acquisitions, or to pay out the surplus to its shareholders as dividend. Decisions relating to dividend proposals take into account the company’s future revenue, financial condition, capital requirements, Resurs’ capital targets and general economic and operational circumstances.


The Annual General Meeting held on 28 April 2017 resolved on a dividend of SEK 3.00 per share, representing earnings per share of 66 per cent. The total dividend amounted to SEK 600 million. The Resurs share was traded ex rights from 2 May 2017. The record date was 3 May 2017 and the dividend was paid on 8 May 2017.